Dukoff Silverite Mouthpiece Repair


Using currently available low amperage TIG (micro-TIG) welding techniques, seamless repairs and alterations can be made to any Dukoff "Silverite" mouthpiece, returning the rail/tip/etc. damaged mouthpiece to new or even better-than-new condition, after rail balancing and professional refacing. No epoxy ever again!

A dental filling safe, 96% tin/4% silver alloy is actually fuses with the Silverite and is a perfect color and hardness match - for completely invisible, undetectable repairs of any type, bite plate filling, baffle build-up, and other customizations. The heat transfer is so focused and precisely controlled, that there is no chance of mouthpiece warpage or mass melting. The mouthpiece can be held in the hand during the process!

Damaged Alto Mouthpiece: Pits on side and top, bite plate filling, dented tip and massive side rail damage. Extra material was added to the top of the tip and bite plate to facilitate opening the tip from a 7 to a 9 (.090").






Quick Weld Filling





Rough Shaping




Pre-Final Shaping/Refacing







Final Shaping/Refacing



Better than new!


Minor dent/ding repair included with refacing fee. Email for pricing and more options.


email for more info



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