The MartinMods Vopt/RF

Custom Hand-Made Mouthpiece


You don't have to sound like everyone else. It's OK to make your own statement with your own unique voice. Break out of the mold and envision your own mouthpiece sound/response/tuning characteristics taylored exclusively to your horn, your embouchure/playing style, and your reed preference.

MartinMods produces only great mouthpieces. Rather than striving to produce generic mouthpieces in bulk as fast as possible to keep a stock in music store shelves, MartinMods is dedicated to simply making the best custom mouthpieces available, for individual artists, to their specifications, and at a rate which insures enough time is spent playing and making fine baffle adjustments on each mouthpiece so that it plays truely, great. Each custom made mouthpiece is guaranteed to be the best mouthpiece you ever played, or you can return it for free alteration.

All mouthpieces are fashioned from solid, 304 stainless steel rods. No other material is considered. Stainless steel allows a higher precision and more stable facing and tip rail than other materials. It takes a gorgeous polish, requires no plating, and won't tarnish, corrode, or change color with age. It is sonically neutral, allowing the reed to sound without any mouthpiece material "noise". Further, unlike brass, being a poor conductor of heat, stainless steel is temperature stable. It is simply, the ultimate mouthpiece material - a mouthpiece for a lifetime.

Anyone who tells you that the science of acoustics can not be applied to mouthpiece design simply hasn't done their homework. An understanding of acoustics reveals all the "mysteries" of mouthpiece and reed mythology with crystal clarity, for a more effective approach to mouthpiece design, materials, and resulting in mouthpieces with more expressive potential.

The acoustical variable, "Vopt", stands for "optimal" mouthpiece volume. While it is commonly advocated that the mouthpiece volume must equal the missing cone volume for the saxophone to be acoustically "correct", acousticians know that this far from an absolute. They say "approximately". Indeed, the correct volume varies from note to note, and with the mouthpiece resonant frequency (RF) influencing the scale in a similar manner, and necks often having a modified taper, the "correct" mouthpiece volume can only be that which provides optimal resonance alignment under playing conditions.

The result of a thorough knowledge of acoustics combined with superb craftsmanship and decades of top professional performance and mouthpiece design experience, the MartinMods Vopt/RF mouthpiece sets a new standard for saxophone mouthpieces. Interchangeable shanks enable the easy optimization of the chamber volume and the resonant frequency of the mouthpiece to match your particular horn's acoustical requirements, your embouchure, and your reed choice. The results are a unsurpassed tonal focus, note stability, improved response, and and amazingly even, problem-free scale on even vintage saxophones. You will have no need for silly cork tonehole inserts or embouchure gymnastics - no more sharp D2-F2, flat C#2, sharp and unstable C#3, or wild palm keys.

Available in Vintage Slant Link (large chamber - high, medium, or low roll-over baffle), Berg Larsen Bullet-Style (small chamber - high, medium, or low straight baffle), or Gale Hollywood (medium chamber - high, medium, or low roll-over baffle, or 1/2 Berg baffle) designs (or from your description) for any horn

How the shank system works: The removable (interchangeable) shank enables simple mouthpiece matching for any horn, vintage or modern, and the correct shank length for your cork - even Buescher baritones. The shanks have two numbers etched into them, e.g., 29/25. Select the correct inner shank length to provide the correct mouthpiece volume/frequency for your horn. Select outer shank length to fit your neck cork. One mouthpiece for all your saxes of a size.

The Vopt mouthpieces also incorporate a short, opimally sized reed channel window that maintains the acoustical efficiency of the chamber. The ramp to the throat is then smooth and gradual, and asymmetrical compliance (spongy air) is eliminated from the reed channel. The mouthpiece is free- blowing and responsive. Mouthpiece windows are as long as they are on current mouthpieces primarily for manufactureing convenience - making it possible to cut the rear chamber shape with a milling cutter, not because they work better - check out Mouthpiece Mythology.



Audio Sample - Slant Link Tenor - high roll-over baffle

Audio Sample - Slant Link Baritone- high roll-over baffle

Audio Sample - Gale Hollywood Baritone- high roll-over baffle

Audio Sample - Gale Hollywood Baritone- medium roll-over baffle

Audio Sample - Gale Hollywood Baritone- medium roll-over baffle

Audio Sample - Hybrid Gale Hollywood Baritone- mini Berg baffle


Now available for Vintage Soprano Saxes

Audio Sample #1

Audio Sample #2

on a Martin Handcraft straight soprano - C# gizmo disconnected!! Miked above the keys.


Fabrication Time: 14 to 30 days

Email for price/more info


"good work - recommand"good work - recommanded to all Martin (and vintage) saxophone !!!"

"Great Piece!"

"very good mouthpiece!"

"guru of martin saxes, awesome powerfull piece."

"I've just had one of these pieces made up for my Martin Handcraft Committee baritone. I'd been playing a metal link for the last year or so, and struggling with intonation, especially on E2 and F2 - they were anything up to 30 or 40 cents sharp, and virtually unplayable. "

"It arrived the other day, and is brilliant. I had a baffle in my piece, and it's as loud and raucous as I'll ever need. The facing is absolutely fine - much easier to blow than my STM. "

Above all though, the intonation is now virtually spot on all the way up and down the horn. E2 and F2 are well within tolerance boundaries (easily within 5-10 cents blowing blind into a tuner and totally "tuneable" when blowing with others). The other notes have sorted themselves out, and the giveaway note (bottom Bb) is now spot on."

"This one was with the high baffle. Intonation wise, it was much better than all the mpcs I've tried without performing embouchure calisthenics.  Thanks Lance, for solving the intonation issues with my Martin bari. "

"I just recevied my Link bari mouthpiece back from Lance at MartinMods. He set it up for my '54 "The Martin". AMAZING! The intonation is now spot on (it was very sharp throughout before). Sounds sweet and I can finally use my horn without pulling the piece so far off the neck that it barely hangs on. Lance even refaced (opened) the mouthpiece for me. Reasonable cost for outstanding results!"











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