The MartinMods Mission


is to take the advanced player and the discerning Artist, desiring to transcend the limitations of playing the typical stock instrument/set-up, to a whole new world of tonal refinement, tonal center, note stability, dynamic response, and intonation.

As wonderful as they are, even the very best saxophones and mouthpieces, both vintage and modern, are designed to be acceptably functional using the broadest range of gear and by the broadest range of players. As such, since everything in instrument design is a trade-off, certain restrictive acoustic compromises are commonly incorporated which most of the saxophone public considers to be the defining limit of what a saxophone can be.

Service techs are happy to go along with this misconception, since having a uniform standard for what constitutes excellent service, regardless of the differences between horns, mouthpieces, and players, and their untapped individual potential, makes the tech's job easier and more profitable. That the client is satisfied with what they consider to be the norm is what is important.

One prominent East Coast tech, after acknowledging that most horns were only working at 85% of their acoustic potential because of these compromises, commented, "Still, we are getting a good 85%.". Sure. That is good, and most people are satisfied with that, but I want it all.

We can easily go beyond the limits imposed upon us by saxophone manufacturers, mouthpiece manufacturers, service technicians, and by playing a "utility" instrument, by simply eliminating those acoustical compromises and configuring the individual instrument and mouthpiece to work optimally with each other and the player, specifically. Once you experience the difference, both playing and listening, you will never go back to a stock anything.


The Latest Developments


Stainless Steel Mouthpiece Refacing/Repair/Copy Service


Vintage American Soprano Saxophone




The New MartinMods "Ultimate" LH Table Key Mod Eclipses All Other Saxophone LH Table Mechanisms, Vintage or Modern



The MartinMods 3rd Register Key



The MartinMods Vopt/RF Mouthpiece

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